In Commemoration of 9/11 :
Allegiance to the Nation through return to our roots

By: Minister/ Maj.Gen. Issam Abou Jamra

In commemoration of 9/11 we call upon the Lebanese Diaspora worldwide, especially Americans of Lebanese descent, to sincerely revisit their inner soul and proclaim without fear, hesitation or subservience their true allegiance to the country they belong to. Is it not the first and foremost duty of each and every American of Lebanese descent to uphold the implementation by US authorities of decisions related to national security like every other American does? In today's world how can an American national justify passivity instead of combating terrorism with full force and with whatever means or capacity he or she has? Uprooting terrorism can best be achieved by focusing on regimes that shelter terrorists and organizations or groups that foster hate towards Americans and their allies. It is the national duty of every American of Lebanese descent to spare no effort in contributing in this anti-terrorism fight in order to safeguard his country from this ever looming menace. There is no room here for misinterpretation, opportunistic excuses, or appeasement. We are talking here about the security of a nation and anything but straightforward nationalism can be justly considered as a case of outright national treason.

What is applicable to Americans of Lebanese descent in America is also applicable to them as Lebanese. Here also there is no room for hesitation, misinterpretation, opportunistic excuses, or appeasement. Unless they want to forego their roots,  Lebanese Americans are expected to manifest an unwavering allegiance to their country of origin. Lebanon has always cherished democratic values, freedom of expression, and respect for human life and rights. How can some Lebanese pretend to originate from this free and peace-loving country whilst believing in a different Lebanon that supports terrorist organizations and that aligns itself with an Arab neighbor where terrorism thrives. How can they pretend to be on one hand anti-terrorism, and accept on the other hand Syria's hegemony over the country. Syria is tainted by terrorism  Syria is very much in bed with terrorism.

In Lebanon you are either a Lebanese with Lebanon or a Syrianized Lebanese with Syria. Americans of Lebanese descent cannot pretend to belong to the anti-terrorist camp and be syrianized Lebanese as well; Unless of course if they have a Syrian nationality, not a Lebanese one.

Therefore, we call upon all of you , particularly the congressmen and senators of Lebanese descent, civil servants and members of social associations and other US institutions as well, we call on all of you to be honest vis--vis yourselves, to liberate your minds, and to show consistency and courage in combating terrorism with whatever means you possess and whenever or wherever terrorism manifests itself. Be it in the US or when visiting Lebanon, show that you stand firmly against terrorism. Be frank, forceful and truthful to your country of origin, which is caught in the grips of the Syrian octopus. Help Lebanon regain its sovereignty so that it can join your fight against terrorism.

Do not worry when you hear that the Muslim population in Lebanon outnumbers the Christian population. Lebanon's Diaspora has all the right to participate in Lebanon's decision-making . However, because the Christians outnumber by far the Muslims in the Lebanese Diaspora, the Christians were denied the right to vote by the infamous "Taef Accord". Even the Syrian Disapora has the right to vote in Syrian elections. We are convinced without any doubt that in civilized countries eligibility is the norm and not one's membership in a community that outnumbers another.

As for the arsenal of weapons that was left in the hands of the Lebanese Muslim population, we would like you to know that it is Syria who is behind all of this. For regional considerations and vicious tactics, Syria has allowed and encouraged the dissemination of arms in the hands of Syrian proxy Muslim groups and organizations in order to justify its presence in Lebanon. Supposedly, Syria's presence in Lebanon is meant to protect the Christians. Do not worry about the Christians' fate in Lebanon because the pile of arms, artillery and deadly weapons funneled to Muslim groups courtesy of the Syrian regime will be a deadly liability on whoever accepted to fall in Syria's trap. We urge Syria to leave Lebanon with all the dirty and deadly arsenal of arms and other litter that it brought with it to Lebanon.

Dear Lebanese Americans,
I call upon you to utterly reject the Syrian mandate over Lebanon which was given to Syria as a despicable recompense for its efforts !!! in stopping a mortar here or a missile there volleyed by Syria's own agents across the land of Israel. Beware a Lebanon festering with agents, terrorists, and foreign proxies that succeeded in littering the land of the Cedars with terrorist cells and all other forms of sold-out criminal intruders.

We urge you to assume your national and civic responsibilities. American and Lebanese responsibilities. We call upon you to help your country, Lebanon, to rid itself from foreign thugs and criminals through the application of international resolutions, namely UN resolution 520 . We have a date with destiny that imposes on us to rebuild for all the Lebanese a secular Lebanon enjoying the workings of democracy, freedoms and independence. The Lebanon that would be welcomed by the community of the free and civilized nations.

PS: above article was translated from its original Arabic script by Anwar Wazen