The Vacation of His Excellency the General!
By:Minister/ Brigadier,  Issam Abu Jamra

His Excellency General Lahoud is in Monaco on vacation. He is staying at the Hotel de Paris (at the 7-room Rothschild Suite), the most luxurious hotel in the world.

His Excellency will be spending there the New Year's, together with his "court", at a cost to the Lebanese treasury of 100,000 Euros per day.

This is His Excellency's second vacation this year, after a first vacation this past summer he also spent in Monaco.

It so happens that the State, which His Excellency heads, is in a deficit exceeding $30 billion. That State was begging, also this summer at the Paris II Conference, and kissing the hands of charitable countries to obtain a loan that will save it a significant amount on the accumulating interests on the debt.

The Lebanese people of all social strata and from all walks of life are meanwhile suffering from poor productivity and from very high taxes imposed by the State to cover part of the interest on the debt.

Who is footing the bill for his Excellency's vacation?

 Issam Fares or Rafic Hariri, from their own personal money?

  Prince Talal Ibn Al-Walid? Or His Excellency himself out of his inheritance from his        
   mother's "gold box"?

  The Lebanese State from the Presidential Palace's budget? Or from somewhere
   else in the budget?

This is a crime that cannot be forgiven!!! Who among the Lebanese people will feel happy and wish His Excellency a great vacation? Most of them have left the country or were forced out of the country to put food on their tables.

Which of the countries that granted Lebanon a loan hasn't already regretted their generosity after reading this news about His Excellency's vacation?

Which of the countries that were hesitant in granting Lebanon a loan will in the future put their money at the disposal of the Lebanese authorities after reading this news?

Which of the countries that declined to attend the Paris II conference are now thanking their good fortunes for not committing the crime of wasting their people's money on Lebanon?  

We say it loud and clear with the Lebanese proverb: When the head of the house is a drummer, the other house occupants have no choice but to dance.

May God Almighty help Lebanon and the Lebanese to endure the evil of this nightmare.

(Translated from Arabic by: Elias Bejjani, LCCC Media Chairman)