Minister Abu Jamra: Mr. Murr remember that things change
LCCC: His Excellence Minister Issam Abu Jamra, from his exile in Paris responded yesterday to Mr. Elias Murr's accusations, slender and defamation. Murr made committed horrible infringements on numerous political and religious figures in an interview conducted by Al-Safier Newspaper and was published yesterday. Minister Abu Jamra said: " Lebanon's Syrian appointed Minister of Interior, Mr. Elias Murr's statement published by Al Safier yesterday alleged that his actions at the present time are very much similar to those practiced by Ex-President Amin Jomayel against him and his father. My response is: Mr. Murr has the right to remember the past, but at the same time he should:
Not forget that life is like a wheel that will not stop for his sack, but it will continue spinning.
Count for the future and avoid falling into the trap that he is accusing other to have fell in it.
Remember, that the sword he is holding now as an official and using it haphazardly to intimidate and threaten his opponents, will not remain forever under his control.
Remember and act accordingly so he can safeguard his future and that of his children.

Paris 29/10/02