Love for Lebanon, or for Syria!!
By: Minister Issam Abu Jamra

January 2/2004

The recent statements made by Ex, Prime Minister, Mr. Salim Al Hoss in addressing the need for Syrian troops' withdrawal to the Bekaa Valley, and the end of Syrian Intelligence meddling in Lebanon's and Lebanese affairs, and what he has said on Al Jazera television about the "Taif Accord" clauses in this regard, makes the people question why it is that this experienced politician who had assumed many official and national responsibilities considers himself accountable for the country and its people only through political means that paves his way to office?

Why in 1988 Mr. Al Hoss and his associates refused General Aoun's Government request for amending the "Taif Accord" in regards to a time table for the Syrian troops withdrawal, that would have ensured its completion after Israel's withdrawal from South of Lebanon?

Why he did not support the Maronite Bishops' stance taken in 2001 after the withdrawal of Israel from the south in accordance with the UN Resolution 425?

Why did he oppose the "Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2003" and attack those who were behind it?

Why he was against the UN Resolution 1559, and why did he criticize the USA and France who helped in issuing it?

Why this sudden change in Mr. All Hoss's stance? On whose request he is acting, and whose interests he is serving?

Does he really deserve any credit for this sudden change after twenty five years of camouflaging and deception?

What kind of credit could be given to the man, when he had been Prime Minister more then once?
In fact he assumes full responsibility for leading Lebanon into its current devastated economical status, and for the massive immigration of the Lebanese people.

Does he deserve any credit for a stance that he did not assume when he was in office? A stance that he took now after it was adopted by the USA, France and the United Nations?

Was his current stance taken in fear for Syria, or in love for Lebanon?

The salvation of Lebanon from those who want to devour it can be achieved only through patriotic stances, taken by patriotic men, no matter what are the sacrifices. This is how Lebanon's independence became a reality in 1942, and this how the confiscated independence will be reclaimed this year.

For all of the above, it would have been more exalting for Mr. Al Hoss if he had felt the national responsibility in 1988 and refused to rebel against the legitimacy of General Aoun's transitional government. He should not have accepted the role of a puppet Prime Minister appointed by Syria in the face of a legitimate Lebanese government.
Mr. Al Hoss, who is a professor in political science, should have known that defrauding in politics is one thing, and masking this defraud from the people is some thing else.

We would have preferred that Mr. Al Hoss did not resort to his old venomous camouflaging tactics in regards to the UN Resolution 1559. He and the Syrians know very well that this resolution has been issued in a bid to be implemented, and it will be implemented no matter what he or the Syrians do.

It would have been very helpful for Lebanon, and much more dignifying for Syria, if Mr. Al Hoss have had called for the complete withdrawal of the Syrian troops, instead of playing the "Taif Accord" old game. He would have joined, even so late, the ranks of Bchara Al Khoury, Riad Al Soleh and many other great Lebanese leaders, but it does not seem that he is either qualified or capable to do so.

N.B: Translated from Arabic by: Elias Bejjani,  LCCC Media Chairman