America in The Middle East
By: Minister Issam Abu Jamra

Many are not convinced by some of the so-called necessary reasons for the war on Iraq: The US already controls the oil and its management, and for some years now has allowed Iraq to control only what it permits it to. As for the weapons of mass destruction, especially if these were pictured recently, the inspectors could have been sent to their sites or when these weapons were photographed jetfighters or missiles could have destroyed them.

Iraq’s support of terrorism, the new thing mentioned at the UN albeit not as important a justification for an occupation of Iraq, is part of the reasons for America’s wars undertaken after September 11, which will be waged in the future on terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere. When we look at the map the strategic goal of these wars becomes clear.

After September 11,2001, what is called by the Americans the “Axis of Evil” extending from Syria to Korea became apparent. Two essential fundamentalist forces make up the bedrock of that “Axis” in the Middle East:

Al Quaeda, a Sunni force, from Afghanistan to Palestine, passing through Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.Hezbollah, a Shiite force, From Iran to Lebanon, passing through Syria.

Basically, these two Islamic forces differ on sectarian basis, but strategically agree on their common enemy, “the infidels”.

What strengthen their power are the geographical adhesions from Afghanistan to Syria and Lebanon, and their reach to Korea through China in the Far East, and to North Africa through Yemen, Egypt, and Libya.

The activities of these two forces were noticeable but tolerated in some parts of the world until they reached America in September 2001 in Washington and New York inflicting heavy damages. Therefore the world’s Super Power decided to eliminate terrorism anywhere it exists by militarily controlling its “Axis”: First by encircling it, secondly by dismantling it, thirdly by eliminating its members anywhere within the countries of the “Axis” and outside of them.

By observing the map it can be seen that the “Axis” has become encircled:
From the North by Turkey and by the ex-Soviet Republics and Russia who in turn suffer from that terrorism.
From the South by the Allies: India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Israel.
From the east and west in the seas by America.

Hitting the Sunni terrorism foundations in Ben Laden’s Afghanistan, Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, and Arafat’s Palestine achieves the dismantling of the “Axis”. At the same time the isolation of Iran, Syria, and Lebanon takes place by separating Syria from Iran. With these two operations in Afghanistan and Iraq the US will have military control over what it calls the “Axis of Evil” and its fundamentalists, and will be able to liquidate or suppress them as it wishes trough the regimes it will install in the “Axis” countries.

In addition to that America will have achieved what has not yet been attained from the so-called reasons for this war:
Continuing its domination and protection on the oil fields in the Middle East, and managing the oil’s output and prices.
Eliminating weapons of mass destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq and effortlessly in other countries in the future like Iran and Syria.
Eliminating the fundamentalist terrorists in their headquarters and stopping the military, financial, and other types of funding of their branches.
Changing rogue regimes and leaders in these countries in accordance with what will bring about American policy in its concepts of democracy in the East.

 (Translated by: Nabil Khoury)