A Non Lebanese Demonstration in Lebanon
By: Minister Issam Abu Jamra


The demonstration that took place in Beirut on 30/11/04, is "a non Lebanese demonstration in Lebanon".
Those who marched in it were Syrian workers (in Lebanon), Palestinian Refugees living in Lebanon, The Iranian -Syrian tool in Lebanon, Party of God (Hizbollah), in addition to some Clergy men, Amal Movement, Some Armenians, the dissenting- Syrianized Phalanges, opportunists benefiting from the current regime, and those who were forced or intimidated.

Accordingly there is no value or meaning to the numbers of the people who marched in this Syrian orchestrated demonstration, or to the slogans and objectives that were raised and chanted.  All the participants were foreigners or local collaborators serving their own interests. The demonstrators rhetorically were chanting to fight Israel, while Syria, the mastermind behind the demonstration, and on the same day was begging the whole world to convince the Israelis to resume peace talks with its Baathist Leadership without pre-conditions!!

The United Nations and the Free world countries who prepared, supported and passed the UN Resolution 1559 are well aware of the Syrian imposed Status quo in Lebanon. They all have put this resolution to help Lebanon reclaim its confiscated independence and sovreignity, and to rescue the Lebanese oppressed people from the savage Syrian occupation.

The Baathist Syria regime is now international and regionally cornered, it can not deceive, or camouflage any more through faked redeployment of its troops in Lebanon, or through renewing mandates and terms for its Lebanese collaborators.

It is not a secret any more that the Syrian Baathists do not intend to leave Lebanon willingly, that is why the UN Resolution was passed, and that is why those powers who passed it are adamant to see that it is going to be implemented.

N.B: (Translated from Arabic by: LCCC Media Chairman)