Thanks to the Lebanese army & our appreciation to the students
Minister Issam Abu Jamra (15/3/2001)
We are grateful to the Lebanese army for responding to General Aoun's call to hit the streets and close the country . This is exactly what was needed to make the whole world see and hear.  To hear loudly peoples' protest against the presence of the Syrian army in numerous locations, many Lebanese and non Lebanese had thought were evicted in April /2000.
It is now obvious to every body, in Lebanon and abroad, that the Syrian army is present in the Presidential palace (Baabda), at the Ministry of defense (Yarzi),and inside the universities. The Syrian Army was redeployed in all these locations to watch and infiltrate among the students. The questions are:
Since when our Lebanese Universities have become centers for corruption and destruction?
Is the Syrian Army planning to Liberate the occupied Syrian Golan Heights from our universities?
Our great appreciation to the students in general, and to the FPM students in particular. They have proved today that they are capable to act and make the world hear them. They have shaken those whom they targeted, and scared those who need to be scared. They have made the Lebanese-Syrian installed officials understand  that they need protection from their own people.
Our appreciation to our students who with their army are the advocators and protectors for Lebanese holy cause of Liberation.
God bless our students and our army.